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  • 02/3/23

Costa Elena reassures its commitment to La Cruz

All the way from Costa Elena we begin the year full of enthusiasm for the projects that we will develop and that will be of growth for the inhabitants of the canton of La Cruz. To advance in each objective, we reassure our commitment to contribute to the economic and social development of the area, as we have been doing for the last 15 years.

We offer each visitor the opportunity to live the best experience, living both with the inhabitants of the town and getting closer to nature.

For this reason, we are excited to develop projects that positively impact the inhabitants of El Jobo, La Cruz and surroundings. How will we do it? We continue to work under the highest avant-garde standards, aligned with tropical architecture that highlights the unique nature of the area.

We reactivate the economy to move forward! We are working to incorporate two beach hotels, residences and villas managed by the renowned Inspirato property management program in the coming years. In addition, we will build houses for workers, a craft market and a campsite, which will further expand the offer.

"Each of these projects will further enhance the canton of La Cruz as a unique and authentic site due to the warmth of its people, cultural richness, majestic natural beauty with abundant biodiversity, framed by the Guanacaste Conservation Area", -Carlos Hernández, CEO , Costa Elena.

Investments that support commitment

For Costa Elena, the objective from the beginning has been to create an inclusive development integrated into the local community. For this reason, we invested in the aqueduct and roads even before starting the construction of the hotel. Additionally, we support social programs to generate skills and improve employment in the area's neighbors, the development of micro-enterprises, recycling programs, environmental education, among others.

The facts agree with us! “We donated the aqueduct that benefits more than 10,000 neighbors; We paved 32 kilometers of national and municipal roads. In addition, we carried out the construction of the Dreams Las Mareas Hotel, which provides 700 direct jobs to residents of the area and positions Costa Rica on the tourist map”, Hernández pointed out.


Community Market brings together artisans, farmers, and the gastronomic sector to contribute to the economy of the canton of La Cruz

At Costa Elena we promote the support and strengthening of local enterprises in the canton of La Cruz, so that their products show the wealth of the area and its local identity.

That is why the creation of the Community Market was devised, so that artisans, agricultural and gastronomic producers of the canton have a space for commercialization and interaction with the community.

With this Community Market we show the results of the alliance between Costa Elena, Dreams las Mareas and the Coastal Tourist Corridor, together with the support of the Municipality of La Cruz. Through this alliance, funds were allocated for a group of artisan entrepreneurs to carry out, for more than six months, workshops designed for the creation of new products, the strengthening of production and the search for new commercialization spaces.

Products made from majagua fiber, traditional games made of wood, painted masks made from recycled cardboard, as well as jewelry and textiles were presented in this activity.

We also have the participation of the group of women agricultural producers from the La Virgen Hydroponics Association who grow beans and vegetables in a land rich in nutrients, located in the upper area of the canton of La Cruz.


These were the participants of the first edition of the Community Market:

  1. Rudis Gallo

Rudis Gallo works a traditional fiber called the majagua, its process goes from planting, preparing the strand and creating beautiful utilitarian products.

  1. Flor Lara

"Knitting is my passion, my products are inspired by the colors of the sunsets and the sea that embraces my town."

  1. Maria Ramírez

María designs pieces woven in macramé inspired by the colors of the dry forest, including bags for bathing suits that she executes with great mastery.

  1. Maria J. Guido

María José is developing different collections that range from the flowering of the trees in the area, to accessories based on the colors of the dry forest.

  1. Sandra García

Sandra creates ethnic jewelry, some of petroglyphs, native, and traditional raw materials such as bone, gourd, clay, and stone. United to an exquisite work of macrame weaving.

  1. Angela Mejia

Angela works with a line of painted wooden toys and games, inspired by the marine and terrestrial animals of the area.

"My work is aimed at children and those with a child´s heart."

  1. Recycling Center

For more than 10 years through an alliance with the Hotel Dreams Las Mareas, and Costa Elena, the Center began its activity in which residents of the El Jobo community participate. In this site the collection, separation, and processing of waste is done to give them a correct final disposal.

  1. Seniors

Beautiful children's designs of local animals, made by the group of older adults from La Cruz.

"With this product we want to create a fund to go on a trip"

  1. Hydroponic Association, La Virgen Santa Cecilia, La Cruz.

A group of more than 25 women from the neighborhood of Santa Cecilia organized to create an association to market the agricultural products they grow in the area high of the canton of La Cruz. The soil is rich in nutrients, with a favorable climate. This means that this group of entrepreneurs get up every day with the hope that their crops prosper and thereby generate income for their families.

23 entrepreneurs showed the best of the canton at the La Cruz Tourism Promotion Fair

7 years ago, she left her teaching career and traveled with her family from her native Alajuela to the canton of La Cruz. Today, Mrs. Leticia Salas is a true reflection that creating is possible, and that there is no obstacle that stops her from continuing to grow with her family and her Trending Tours business.

“We started with a lodging project, and we expanded to offering three different tours: cultural, sea and bus. For me, the most important thing in each approach with national and foreign tourists is to position La Cruz as a unique and accessible tourist destination,” said Salas.

Like Mrs. Leticia, Mr. Dennis Sánchez, and Mr. Ariel Mora, are other entrepreneurs from La Cruz. The three were part of the 23 exhibitors who participated in the first La Cruz Tourism Promotion Fair.

The space organized by the Chamber of Tourism Entrepreneurs of La Cruz (CETUR) and the La Cruz Coastal Tourist Corridor, was also sponsored by several private companies as well as friends of the tourism sector.

This platform sought to be an experience in which each entrepreneur presented the canton as a beautiful and strategic place due to its location in the North Pacific. It is also aligned with the reactivation of the economy of the area, as it focuses on creating opportunities for the tourism market.

“The area offers a lot to do for tourists; fishing, adventures, food, safety, and really beautiful scenery. We, from ATV Tours, offer tours of 3 hours and visit around to beaches. We left the Dream and later we went to Playa Coyotera, Hotel Nandel, Isla Bolaños, later we moved to the town of El Jobo, Puerto Manzanillo and Playa Rajada”, affirms Don Dennis Sánchez who for 6 years started with the rental and tours of ATVs.

The food also starred in the fair, the Restaurant el Marinero was present to publicize the typical culinary offer of the area. The family business was born 4 years ago, according to what its owner Mr. Ariel Mora shared with us, who also stated that part of his secret is cooking with local products characterized by their freshness and flavor.

“For 10 years I dedicated myself to fishing and later I studied at the INA, all this knowledge has been of great help for today to have a consolidated restaurant. Of course, the pandemic was a difficult test, but the taste of our food keeps us alive and eager to continue growing," assures Don Ariel.

During the 3 days of the fair, there were a series of negotiation tables amongst the 23 tourism entrepreneurs and the 19 national agencies that came to learn more about La Cruz, focused on everything that this beautiful canton offers and that leaves visitors amazed.

Costa Elena was one of the organizations who sponsored the event. Their representative, Carlos Hernandez, shared time with the members of the CETUR (Chamber of Tourism Entrepreneurs of La Cruz). 


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