Things to Do Near Costa Elena

Things to Do Near Costa Elena

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  • 11/3/23

Along the sun-drenched shores of northern Guanacaste, Costa Elena is a beacon of luxury and serenity that beckons travelers and property seekers alike. With its sprawling 3,000 acres and an impressive 10 miles of pristine coastline, it's not just a destination but a world unto itself.

Imagine being just 45 miles from Guanacaste Airport and stepping into an exclusive beach community that mingles timeless elegance with sustainable living. Here, every winding path and sunlit beach corner speaks to the harmony of indulgence and environmental preservation. But what truly sets the luxury resort community of Costa Elena apart is its commitment to creating a haven for all generations. Whether you're yearning for those tranquil mornings by the sea or seeking a thrilling aquatic adventure, this enclave has something tailored just for you.

And for those considering a more permanent stake in this paradise, the Ocean Club concierge services stand ready to simplify your journey. From property management to seamless travel arrangements, every aspect of your Costa Elena experience is designed to be as exquisite as the surroundings.

Let's explore what makes Costa Elena the ultimate vacation property dream come true. Welcome to a place where luxury meets nature. Welcome to Costa Elena.

Relax on the Stunning Beaches

North Guanacaste boasts a string of stunning beaches, each with its unique charm. Among the most famous is Playa Tamarindo, known for its golden sands and world-class surf breaks. Playa Conchal, named for its shell-strewn shores, is another gem, offering crystal-clear waters for swimming and snorkeling. Other beaches closeby include El Jobo, Playa Rajada, Playa Rajadita, Pebbles Beach, Playa Copal, and the Santa Elena Gulf.

At Costa Elena, you can enjoy private beach access and luxurious beachfront villas, ensuring that the breathtaking beaches are right at your doorstep.

Explore Rincon de la Vieja National Park

For those seeking adventure and a taste of Costa Rica's volcanic landscapes, a trip to Rincon de la Vieja National Park is a must. Located in North Guanacaste, this park is home to the active Rincon de la Vieja Volcano. Hike through lush forests to discover hot springs, mud pots, and waterfalls, like the iconic Catarata La Cangreja. The park's rich biodiversity offers opportunities for bird-watching and wildlife spotting, with howler monkeys and toucans among the inhabitants.

Luxuriate in the Costa Elena Resort Community

Costa Elena is a haven of luxury and comfort in North Guanacaste. This exclusive resort community offers a range of elegant accommodations, from oceanfront villas to lush tropical estates. Guests can relax in private pools, savor gourmet cuisine at on-site restaurants, and indulge in spa treatments. Costa Elena's commitment to sustainability and preserving the region's natural beauty ensures that your stay is both opulent and environmentally responsible.

Adventurous Horseback Riding

Explore the scenic landscapes of North Guanacaste on horseback. Several local tour operators offer horseback riding excursions, allowing you to venture into lush forests, along pristine beaches, and even up to volcanic craters. It's an excellent way to connect with nature while experiencing the region's diverse terrain from a unique vantage point.

Golf at Reserva Conchal Golf Club

Golf enthusiasts will find a haven at the Reserva Conchal Golf Club, an 18-hole championship course designed by renowned architect Robert Trent Jones II. Surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and stunning ocean views, this golf course offers a challenging and picturesque experience for players of all skill levels.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Adventures

North Guanacaste's Pacific waters are teeming with marine life, making it a haven for scuba divers and snorkelers. Explore vibrant coral reefs, swim alongside colorful fish, and encounter majestic sea turtles. Many dive shops offer guided tours and equipment rentals, making it easy for visitors to explore the underwater wonders of the region.

Witness Olive Ridley Turtle Nesting

If your visit falls between October and February, consider taking part in one of Costa Rica's most awe-inspiring natural spectacles - the nesting of Olive Ridley turtles. Ostional Wildlife Refuge, located in North Guanacaste, is one of the world's most important nesting sites for these turtles. Witness thousands of turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs, an unforgettable experience that highlights the region's commitment to conservation.

Savor Costa Rican Cuisine

Costa Rican cuisine is a delightful blend of flavors influenced by indigenous traditions and a variety of international influences. In North Guanacaste, you'll have the opportunity to sample fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and dishes like casado (a traditional meal of rice, beans, and a choice of meat or fish). At the Costa Elena resort, you can savor exquisite Costa Rican dishes prepared by talented chefs using locally sourced ingredients.

Sunset Cruises and Catamaran Tours

End your days in North Guanacaste in style by embarking on a sunset cruise or catamaran tour. These excursions offer you a chance to witness breathtaking sunsets over the Pacific Ocean while enjoying refreshing cocktails and delectable appetizers. Many tours include opportunities for snorkeling, dolphin watching, and even nighttime bioluminescent adventures.

Experience Local Culture and Festivals

Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture of North Guanacaste by attending traditional festivals and events. Celebrations like the Fiestas of Liberia and the Santa Cruz Festival offer a glimpse into Costa Rica's rich heritage, featuring colorful parades, traditional music, and delicious street food. These cultural experiences provide a deeper understanding of the region's history and traditions.

Finding your slice of paradise in Costa Elena

There's an unparalleled joy in owning a vacation home in Costa Elena, where every sunrise promises adventure and every sunset a canvas of tranquility. It's not just about having a place to stay; it's about claiming a piece of paradise, a sanctuary where memories are woven and moments are cherished.

The local real estate agents at Costa Elena are deeply rooted in this community and well-versed in its nuances. They are here to guide your journey. Their expertise ensures that you don't just find a property but a haven that resonates with your aspirations and needs. Let them introduce you to the myriad possibilities of Costa Elena and watch your dream of the perfect vacation home come to life. Welcome to a lifetime of getaways right at your doorstep.

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